Edit Taxonomy term CPT

How does one go about editing a taxonomy term in WordPress using CPT?

In every other CMS I’ve ever used, you simply edit the term and it updates everywhere it’s used, i’m hoping WP has that functionality as well.

I cannot find an option to manage the list of taxonomy terms already used to tag pages. I have a term called Private Service and I need it changed to Service, but everytime I try to add that taxonomy term to the list , it doesn’t add the term, then highlights the private service and nothing else happenes. WP won’t let me add terms that contain private or service because apparently the terms are the same as private service? Makes no sense whatsoever. I am able to add anything else i want to the taxonomy list such as test, that works no problem. I also cannot find a way to delete terms from the list.

Anyone have an idea what to do from this point? I simply just need to change the wording of the taxonomy term. Thanks.

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