I have a wordpress website, I sent a newsletters email to 88 subscriber one time, all the 88 emails delivered well. After that immediately I was unable to send any email contains cgees.com link in the email body.
If I send any email with any links inside without mentioning cgees.com/…., all emails reach their destination, but when including cgees.com/… they just don’t reach although it say ” sent “.

I checked the spam folders and no emails there, tried to send to lot of domains ( yahoo, hotmail, gmail, and other domains ) and no email delivered at all, I also tried to send email directly from website, outlook and webmail and all of them say ” sent ” but no emails delivered.

I tried to send an email contains cgees.com from my personal hotmail email and the email delivered normally. its only happening when I try to send from my domain email addresses.

Can any body give me a hope solving this issue?

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