Empty $order variable on WooCommerce plugin PHP hook

I have an issue trying to make a hook on the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress.
The problem is that I need to conditionally change the recipient email of the order depending on the local pickup shipping option they choose. My code was working properly for months, but suddenly; it stopped working.
This is what I have on my functions.php file:

    add_filter( 'woocommerce_email_recipient_new_order', 'diff_recipients_email_notifications', 10, 2 );
function diff_recipients_email_notifications( $recipient, $order ) {

    $shippingOptionOne = 'email@example.com';
    $shippingOptionTwo = 'email2@example.com';
    $shippingOptionThree = 'email3@example.com';

    $order_shipping = $order->get_items('shipping');
    $key = key($order_shipping);
    $shipping_method_id = $order_shipping[$key]['item_meta']['method_id'][0];

    if($shipping_method_id == 'local_pickup:6' )
        $recipient = $shippingOptionOne;
    elseif($shipping_method_id == 'local_pickup:4'){
        $recipient = $shippingOptionTwo;
    elseif($shipping_method_id == 'local_pickup:7'){
        $recipient = $shippingOptionThree;
    return $recipient;

I’ve made some testing and research and after debugging a little bit, I’ve came to the conclusion that the variable $order which is coming as the second parameter of my function is printing an empty value, so I can’t get the $order_shipping = $order->get_items(‘shipping’);
($order is printing an empty space).

Thanks in advance.

P.S: This is the link I used to make my code in first place: WooCommerce email notifications: different email recipient for different cities

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