The goal here is to be able to host images via an external CDN — in this instance I want to leverage Adobe Scene7 because of it’s dynamic imaging abilities. Scene7 is great because I can store one image and create an unlimited number of variations of that image depending on the URL parameters I pass to it.

If I click “Add Media” or “Set Featured Image” when editing a post, I would like to have the traditional two WP tabs across the top — “Upload Files” and “Media Library” — and then a third custom tab called “Scene7″. Ideally, the “Scene7″ tab would be the one open by default.

The “Scene7″ tab could be a simple interface hooked onto the default WordPress media modal where I could provide fields for ‘Image URL’ and a drop-down selecting one of three different ‘Image Presets’ to be appended to the URL.

Usually I can find code examples for my crazy ideas, but this is one of those ideas where I cannot find anything on. I’ve spent about 8 hours today digging/coding/testing with absolutely no luck. Can someone point me into the right direction on how I can extend the WP media modal so I can add my own tab across the top? If my request is too specific, is there any examples out there where someone is at the very least able to load in images via an external URL? I’m trying to by-pass the built-in WP media library entirely.

Here’s a mock of what I am looking for:


Read more here: Adding A Custom Tab To The Insert Media / Add Featured Image Modal


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