I have nearly completed a site using WooCommerce now and everything appears to be working as I want, except for one thing.

I have some products on the homepage that use the same code as each product in the shop. When you click add to basket the AJAX does trigger and add them to the basket but, the animation so you know something is happening is missing.

When you go into the shop and add a product to the basket the animation works and afterwards there is a tick so you know the product was added successfully - This does not happen on the homepage.

I have double checked that my products on the homepage do have the class “product_type_simple” if its a simple product (there are variations as well which I know it should not work on) and that they have the data attribute “data_product_id”. Thats all fine.

I’m sure I’ve missed something really very obvious but I can’t see why the animation is not working and there are no errors in console log to suggest there is a problem with the AJAX.

The site is: http://telford-webdesign.co.uk/ I hope someone can point out what I have missed!

Thanks in advance :)


Read more here: AJAX issue with WooCommerce add to basket


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