Following recent changes made to analytics by Google our site has stopped recording particular events (namely the download of brochures) which was handled in the following way.

Each download has the following code - Main Brochure

The website is using the new universal tracking code in the header and records page views etc without any issues.

In the Admin panel of analytics the events/goals remain unchanged:

Category    Regular expression - Downloads
Action  Regular expression - File_Download
Label   Regular expression - GBS_Main_Brochure
Value   Greater than - 
Use the Event value as the Goal Value for the conversion

Am I missing something here? I’ve read through google’s help forums extensively but cannot seem to rectify the problem, it had been mentioned that a problem with a Map API on the downloads page may be causing the issue but I wanted to ask here before instigating random changes.

Read more here: Analytics not tracking simple event


If you know the solution of this issue, please leave us a reply in Comment section, to update the question.

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