I am using wordpress and have created a list of users which are all links. Once clicked I need to carry the person email address over to a form where you can send an email to them directly. So it automatically populates to send with their email address. Currently I have looped through the users I want to send to but stuck on where to go from here:

$args1 = array(
 'role' => 'committee',
 'orderby' => 'user_nicename',
 'order' => 'ASC'
 $committee = get_users($args1);
foreach ($committee as $user) {
echo ' 
    <a href=""><b style="font-size:18px;">
    <td style="padding: 10px;">' .$user->job_title .' - </td>
    <td style="padding: 10px;">' .$user->display_name .'</td>

So if you click on a persons name it will take the user to a new page with a contact form, the person who they clicked on will then receive an email once the form is submitted. I just need some advice really on where to begin?

Read more here: Carry over users details to a new page


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