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How to overload/override admin directory in child theme?

I am using minamaze theme i have created it’s child theme to do some modification i need to change in admin>main>options>homepage.php file. so how should

Include adminitrator in author list

Hi I have this code that is displaying my last active authors. I also would like it to display WP administrators in this list. The

Include administrator in author list

I have this code that is displaying my last active authors. I also would like it to display WP administrators in this list. The code

How to enqueue admin content outside admincp

How do I enqueue admin javascript/css/header outside admincp, and specifically outside WordPress. I checked one of the admin pages, and it contains this line: require_once(

How to merge two WP themes so that the backend shows both theme options and displays both their settings in the frontend?

I am wanting to merge the Jupiter - Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme “″ and the Project Bidding Theme from Sitemile “”. I want both themes to

WordPress import issues - "Internal; server error" when trying to import .xml

I have persistently had the same issue over the past week; when I try to import my exported .xml file from my old website, and

I don’t want the complete article to show on homepage

When I post articles the complete article shows in the home page. I just want it to show Intro and then read more. I did

Check for element ID in plugin admin

I have a function that checks for an element ID if passed an HTML string $doc = new DomDocument; $doc->validateOnParse = true; $doc->loadHTML($htmlstring); // ok

How to create plugin list groups?

How do I create more of these? so that i can create proper plugins categories in the network plugin dashboard of wordpress. Read more here:

Add admin bar link to edit author

I am trying to allow my editors and admins to click to “Edit Author” as they would “Edit Post” or “Edit [Custom Post Type]” from

Add last Revision of Post column on Admin Panel

How to add this column ( last revision of Post ) on All Posts Manager. I can’t find discussion about this problem. Please help me

Refreshing collections in the admin media manager

I know this question is very similar to this previously asked question; however, I was wondering if there was a more up-to-date/official way to refresh

Doubt using $wpbd->get_col for a single column

$table = $wpdb->prefix . 'posts'; foreach ( $wpdb->get_col( "DESC " . $table, 0 ) as $column ){//get all columns from wp_posts echo "<div><p>". $counter."- ".$column."

Adding HTML tags or css classes to admin columns

Is it possible to add a custom class to the links in admin columns? I’m trying to replicate the labels below. I’m using WP 4.1

Media upload privelages have been disabled for administrators - any ideas?

I have a nearly finished installation of WordPress that was working fine. Then at some point the permissions for uploading images died for Administrator statuil.

JSON Rest API does not appear in Settings menu of WordPress

I have tryed to install it by “Add New” or uploading a zip file but it is not showing. All others plugins appear at Settings

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