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RewriteRule Apache Directives in .htaccess not working

My .htaccess file for my PHP wordpress app is in clone-directory/php/ and I could say that it was recognized by the OpenShift server. But some

Tomcat 8 with Apache, Configure Several Java & WordPress Domains

** PROBLEM SUMMARY ** I think the subject line defines my question pretty well, but I’m going to give an example of my current and

Making a remote computer use my hosts file (perhaps a proxy?)

I’m developing a WordPress multisite and I’m using the subdomain method (that means each sub-webiste is under it’s own subdomain. i.e.,, etc). However,

apache wordpress proxy issues

I have a wordpress site running on apache (Ubuntu 14.04). This server now sits on our parent company network infrastructure which forces all internet traffic

Can’t access WP site with Wamp 2.5 from intranet

I’ve installed Wampserver 2.5 and WordPress on a windows server 2008 R2 at my work place and manged to get a website working. Everything is

.htaccess isn’t redirecting subdomain

I have setup an .htccess file to redirect www to non-www and also remove trailing slashes. I also have to make sure that also

How to switch just the domain name but leave the url slug alone

My company just migrated to WordPress and during the migration we were using a test domain ( to test and develop the new website. After

Redirecting and Changing URL path (.htaccess)

This is question has been asked but the answers were not clear. I have 2 directories in my root folder & I would

Rewriting WordPress post URL for new domain

I have a WordPress site running on EC2. It is hosted in a directory, like this: We are migrating to a new URL, so

WordPress showing 404 error when configuring Apache with Nginx

I am trying to configure Nginx as reverse proxy server along with Apache2.I have build Nginx with page_speed module by following Google developer tutorial build_ngx_pagespeed_from_source.

Getting WordPress and XAMPP to run a different site

I’ve recently installed XAMPP and the WordPress plugin to run a site locally that exists on a different machine. I’ve downloaded the source code into

This webpage has a redirect loop. Error code: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

I am migrating a word press site from one Ubuntu server to another Ubuntu server.I have changed all the word press URL’s in the database.

WordPress Timthumb query strings

Having a WordPress theme which is using Timthumb. The images are displayed as follows: Tried to make a rewrite in the .htacces, after that

How to use laravel and wordpress multisite in the same domain

I have a wordpress multisite installation using wordpress subfolders and a laravel app side by side in the /var/www directory The wordrpress installation is called

htaccess allow access (Disable authorization) to file if query string exists

I am trying to allow user to wordpress wp-admin index page if query string contains parameter. I am setting env variable to allow them access.

htaccess wordpress dummy url to wp-admin

I am trying to redirect to wp-admin with a certain url for subscribed users. This is how htaccess looks like now # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule

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