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Generate Media Description from Custom Fields

I have added a few custom text fields to media attachments using ACF. These include: hqr_artwork_artist hqr_artwork_medium hqr_artwork_price Now what I need to do is

How to validate custom field on lost password form before the user id field?

I have added a custom field to the lost password form (using the action lostpassword_form) and I am validating this field with the filter allow_password_reset.

Custom Field as Meta Description

I want to make a description input field inside the normal post adding page(in the dashboard) so each time I’m posting something I’ll be able

Managing custom tables with relationships

I am developing a school blog with WP, attempting to manage students, parents and teachers. I have created custom roles for each category and thinking

Return Types Field contents in customer-order-items.php

I have used the Types plugin to create a custom post field in Woocommerce Products. This field will have one of two values from an

as meta elements">How to add post meta fields to an article’s <head> as meta elements

I need to add the following type of meta information in the article <meta name="citation_publication_date" content="1996/05/17"> <meta name="citation_journal_title" content="Journal of Biological Chemistry"> <meta name="citation_volume" content="271">

ACF custom options in field

I have a problem with retrieving some custom option values created in Advanced Custom Fields plugin field. Also, I use this ACF extension. Field

ACF True/false – When saving a post with acf field true value, update the rest of the posts to acf field false value

I have a TRUE/FALSE ACF field on a CPT meant to set a featured post. I want to write a function that will only allow

What are the paramenters with the save_post hook

I have created a plugin, which creates a custom table, adds a custom field in the admin panel. i need to save the data entered

Is there a plugin to modify backend forms?

I’m using PODS and for the display it’s fine, I can use divs and CSS to display data into columns as I please. However, I

Data from metabox not displaying on main page

I’ve successfully implemented a couple of metaboxes for custom post types- I’m able to type in information, it saves, and when I go back to

Metabox data not saving/displaying

I have a custom post type, and a metabox for it. I am able to input text into the metabox, but when I view my

Custom Field data not appearing on main feed

I have a custom field on a custom post type. When I type something into it, and hit “publish,” my input into the custom field

Metabox value for post loop?

I created metabox.If the checkbox is checked if the posts are listed. How do I browse the posts marked with checkbox ? Metabox Code. Metabox

Custom Fields not showing up for custom post type

I’m a little new to WordPress development and am SO frustrated- I created some custom post types, and am trying to add custom fields to

Add file / Custom Field / Register form

I’m using thememylogin plug-in to register the user of my website. I would like to add a custom field with input-type=”file” but i need that

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