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Let author add field to metabox by pressing a button

I have added a custom metabox for authors where they can fill in a url to a source, which I can then use in my

How to write specific HTML code with a specific custom field?

In my WordPress, each post can contains 2 buttons pointing to different links. To make it easy for the end user, I want to create

ACF : Add custom field class to posts on home?

With the plugin Advanced Custom Fields i have made a custom field where i have the possibility to choose between 3 options, i would like

Advanced Custom Fields "update_field" with value from another?

I am using Advanced Custom Fields, and I want to update the value of a field, with the value of another one on the same

Featured image displaying above custom meta box form on front end of site

I have created a form on the front end of my site for a custom post type and I allow users to upload an image

Allow an Author add info to Custom Fields

I’ve added 4 custom fields which I can edit from my admin screen when creating a post, but when I register as an author I

Adding and updating repeating custom field meta data in WordPress

I’ve got 20+ hours into this and could really use some help. Here is what I am trying to do.. For each record, add post

Populate a custom field with value from another field?

I have created a metabox with a textarea custom field called “send_check_to”. When first creating a post, I need to pre-populate the value of “send_check_to”

How to save multiple options from a dropdown in user profile

I use this code to create the dropdown and then save the dropdown chosen values: <?php // Display Fields add_action( 'show_user_profile', 'add_multiple_choice_dropdown ' ); add_action(

Sort by a date field in a repeatable group

I’m using cmb2 WebDevStudios/Custom-Metaboxes-and-Fields-for-WordPress. I have a repeatable group for events with the meta_key ‘date’. The repeatable group ‘date’ array includes ‘start_date’, ‘end_date’, ‘location’. I

How To Show/Hide WordPress Meta Boxes Fields According to Option Select

I have a select list with values hosts and html5 and 3 custom fields. On select with value hosts 2 fields (Youtube and Vimeo) should

Show custom field value in Edit order / Print invoice page

I’ve got the following in my functions file: if ( isset( $_POST['university'] ) ) { update_user_meta( $customer_id, 'university', sanitize_text_field( $_POST['university'] ) ); } This in

Checked() function on a multidimensional array

I am generating checkboxes dynamically on one of the option pages. This the code that I’m using to create multiple checkboxes: <?php foreach($shopCategories as $shopCategory)

I am trying to add custom-fields to a post carousel plugin

I have a post carousel on my website.I am trying to add an option to display custom fields. I looked at the code for the

Add Table as custom field to admin for creating comparision/price table?

I want to create pricing table from admin area using visual table with empty fields where i can enter data in every cell. After that

Get first URL from custom field, download and set as featured image on post publish

I have a plugin that is adding text and a URL to a custom field when the post is published (not saved as draft). I

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