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wordpress how to add custom field to post without plugin

good day sorry about my english i need to add custom filed to post after the title like address , age , etc need to

Sorting posts by Multiple custom fields in defined order

I’m currently sorting some posts out by custom fields ‘role’ and ‘surname’, using the following: function customorder($orderby) { return 'mt1.meta_value DESC, mt2.meta_value ASC'; } $args

Custom Field, add gallery id

Is it possible to add a gallery id like to custom field using the media editor in wordpress? I have attached a media function to

Need help with migration from Drupal to WordPress

I’m trying to migrate a Drupal website to WordPress. I’m learning a lot along the way, so far I’ve recreated the theme into WordPress and

frontend image post uploader

I’ve set up image uploader on front end custom form for users with some text input, textareas etc .Everything works fine, untill I decide don’t

How can I put a custom field value that needs to be inside the loop, in a custom menu via functions.php?

How can I put a custom field value that needs to be inside the loop, in a custom menu via functions.php?? I’m working on a

Jump to custom field

when I click on <a target=_blank rel="nofollow" href="#comment-wrap" > the page jumps to the comments area. I want to do this for a custom field.

Is there a way to dump all registered sidebar/widget?

I need to know the properties of sidebar and widgets I’ve added, is there a way to dump those? Thanks. Read more here: Is there

Incoming URL variables to custom metabox

Is it possible to take values from an incoming URL variable and write it to a custom meta box? My client has something like the

How to exclude post from being queried based on custom meta value

I am building a reviewing system for user-submitted posts on my website. I have a page called page-review.php which displays the oldest post of the

Order Custom Posts by Several Fields

I have a page that lists out the members of our band, as a custom post type. I am trying to order the members by

Custom Field to a Role?

Is it possible to add custom field or meta to a custom role? Say I want to create a roles that represents a membership level

WooCommerce allow customers to add to and retrieve a list within their account (no admin access)

I’m looking to add functionality to a website, the site will be a basic ecommerce site selling wedding related products, as standard in WooCommerce customers

Can you create a plugin that changes custom fields of a certain WooCommerce product?

I have WooCommerce products with a custom field that matches a category. The products are actually virtual courses. The course content are posts organized by

How to add sidebar in inner pages

I am new to wordpress coding, i want to add a sidebar for pages other than home page, both pages are my custom templates. but

How to diplay a div only if at least one author custom profile field is filled?

I try to build a small plugin that adds few social profile fields to WordPress user form and display their social icons to the author

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