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update_user_meta not working

I’m trying to add additional profile pages and then allow users to submit custom profile data through the pages. I want this data to be

Removing the parent category from the breadcrumb nav

Does anyone know of a way (plugin or filter) that I can use to remove a category from the WP breadcrumb trail? I have this

Override A Plugin Variable And Function Via Functions.php

Is it possible to override a variable in a plugin function without altering the plugin? The closest thread I found to answer this problem is

woocommerce myaccount new page

I am customizing laboutique wp theme with some added features: Customer’s measurements for custom tailor jobs Customer’s referrals i.e. sisters/mother/relatives (existing as well as potentials

Customizer API and add_panel()

I try to add panel to my customizer but code below doesn’t work. My code: add_action( 'customize_register', 'customizer_test' ); function customizer_test($wp_customize) { $wp_customize->add_panel( 'panel_id', array(

Customizer API and add_panel(). Panel doesn’t show

I try to add panel to my customizer but code below doesn’t work (panel don’t show in customizer container). My code: add_action( 'customize_register', 'customizer_test' );

Custom theme - how to link the image without posting it

im creating a custom theme for wordpress 4.1.1. i had encounter a problem with adding a media (an image) to a post. When I choose

combining responsive slab text with animated headline

is there any possibility to combine these two shortcodes in order to obtain a responsive auto fit text with animated properties in the same time

Proper placement for WordPress conditionals(they return false)

I use a headway template, and have tried to place conditional tags inside footer.php, in order to display a code only in home page, but

How to place icon from the top-right of Whats New box to the bottom left or right?

I am using WordPress 4.1.1 with BP 2.2.1 and am trying to I am trying to put a location icon from the top-right of Whats

Move The Location Icon From "What’s New?"

I am using WordPress 4.1.1 with BuddyPress 2.2.1 and am trying to move the location icon on the top-right of the “What’s New” box in

I want to list my custom taxonomy with a custom post type in a plugin

I’ve created a simple plugin for a custom post type. What fully works with an arhive page and a single page. Now I’m trying to

Virtual Pages plugins.

I having hard time to make work the plugin Virtual Pages (WordPress plugin to ease the creation of virtual pages). I did have edit

Disable default posts (Posts,Pages,Comments and Media) in wp-admin

I want to disable the default post types for user author in the wp-admin panel of the wordpress and display only custom post types. For

Customizer API and pages

I try to develop customizer API in my Theme but I have a litle problem. When I’m in customizer in left side I have some

Sidebar not showing up on homepage in Indie Theme.

I’m not very familiar with wordpress, but I’m working on my website: I ‘clicked’ the box for “show sidebar on homepage” in the customizer,

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