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Unable to display custom fields on WooCommerce product pages

I’ve set up some custom fields using the existing ‘custom fields’ panel on a WooCommerce product page. I’m unable to display these on the front


PLEASE HELP ME When I install multi wordpress site… I have a problem with that.. my default site parmalink goes to Permalink: permalink :

How could I change my Permalink from blog to custom structure?

When I install multi wordpress site I have a problem that my default site permalink goes to I want to change it so that

Changing a setting in the wp-admin/customize.php reverts CSS styles to parent theme

I have a child theme built ontop of the Cherry Framework theme. Whenever an admin user goes to wp-admin/customize.php and changes any setting, the CSS

Replacing Gallery Shortcode with Foundation’s Clearing

Using wordpress 4.1 and Foundation 5, and attempting to replace the stock gallery shortcode with foundation’s clearing. In debugging mode, I get a notice of:

update_user_meta not working

I’m trying to add additional profile pages and then allow users to submit custom profile data through the pages. I want this data to be

Removing the parent category from the breadcrumb nav

Does anyone know of a way (plugin or filter) that I can use to remove a category from the WP breadcrumb trail? I have this

Override A Plugin Variable And Function Via Functions.php

Is it possible to override a variable in a plugin function without altering the plugin? The closest thread I found to answer this problem is

woocommerce myaccount new page

I am customizing laboutique wp theme with some added features: Customer’s measurements for custom tailor jobs Customer’s referrals i.e. sisters/mother/relatives (existing as well as potentials

Customizer API and add_panel()

I try to add panel to my customizer but code below doesn’t work. My code: add_action( 'customize_register', 'customizer_test' ); function customizer_test($wp_customize) { $wp_customize->add_panel( 'panel_id', array(

Customizer API and add_panel(). Panel doesn’t show

I try to add panel to my customizer but code below doesn’t work (panel don’t show in customizer container). My code: add_action( 'customize_register', 'customizer_test' );

Custom theme - how to link the image without posting it

im creating a custom theme for wordpress 4.1.1. i had encounter a problem with adding a media (an image) to a post. When I choose

combining responsive slab text with animated headline

is there any possibility to combine these two shortcodes in order to obtain a responsive auto fit text with animated properties in the same time

Proper placement for WordPress conditionals(they return false)

I use a headway template, and have tried to place conditional tags inside footer.php, in order to display a code only in home page, but

Move The Location Icon From "What’s New?"

I am using WordPress 4.1.1 with BuddyPress 2.2.1 and am trying to move the location icon on the top-right of the “What’s New” box in

How to place icon from the top-right of Whats New box to the bottom left or right?

I am using WordPress 4.1.1 with BP 2.2.1 and am trying to I am trying to put a location icon from the top-right of Whats

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