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WordPress code in browser doesn’t match code in template file?

On my website, I have this blog that I’m trying to build the theme for. The problem is even though I have my template file

WordPress template file does not render correct code?

If you go to my website and view the source code then search for this: class=’page_wrap’ you will find the following code which is causing

File changes in ftp not showing up on site, website stuck

my website stuck on one error but it doesn’t matter what because its not the problem - I’m making live changes in files via ftp

How to Include “onclick” in WordPress HTML

I’m using “onclick” on WordPress site that triggers an event. The code is: <a onclick="$zoho.salesiq.floatwindow.visible('show');">click here</a> When attempting to save the code, WordPress strips the

Cannot view the content added in my pages in WordPress

i have last version of WP 4.1.1 and i got a problem of this kind: I have created wordpress template like page, front-page, index and

Link to page-id of static page from child page using wordpress menu

I have a static page wordpress design that displays a set number of blog posts, i then want the user to be able to click

WordPress Jquery Cycle2 Data Cycle Visible Not Working

I’m trying to get multiple slides to work on Jquery Cycle on wordpress. I realize I could put multiple images in slides, but because of

Show images when hovering a text link

I come to this website because I have no peculiar skill in coding. I recently launched a website/blog on WordPress with a few friends. We’re

how to disable right click on wordpress website

I am working on a which is a jokes sharing website, I want to disable right button,so they will not copy my content. Please

How to add Captcha in custom HTML Form?

I have designed a Form in HTML5 and the form is working. Once a user submit the form, the concerned person getting submitted details. But

Navigation not working when transferring HTML to WordPress

How can I convert a single scroll page html template into wordpress? I have six divs in index.html page their class as row and id

Replace HTML /mqTranslate bug

I’m having a problem with my mqtranslate plugin. For an example, on this page: the plugin adds this code before my 2nd headline, which

Twitter Bootstrap Modal outside WordPress loop?

I hope someone can help me out with Bootstrap Modals within a loop in WordPress. I made a One-Page-Website for a client and made a

Prevent WordPress auto formatting page HTML

I am trying to add a script to a page in WordPress, Now I will be the first to admit when it comes to CMS’

wordpress url issue html multiple

I have one big problem.I have installed the latest version (4.1.1)of wordpress locally(wamp) in the file www.I wanted to change my html site’s url.I changed

Remove part of value of option in select

I have a select with multiple options for the archives of my WordPress site. The select looks like this: <select name="m" onchange="this.form.submit()" title="Archive"> <?php $archives

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