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how to save html to variable?

I try to save wysiwyg data to a variable but I keep getting a error message “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL” And I cant get

Use wordpress shortcode in JS

I am putting up a website using WordPress. In the template I use, a part of the html code is made in JS. I want

My code gets disrupted when you hover over a dropdown list item

I’ve made a full width menu container that drops down when you hover the button “Content Overview” (pink button on the top right). In the

How to do HTML and PHP Code Minification Using PHP Opening and Closing Tag with Notepad++ Regex

Using Notepad++ I want to minify my HTML and PHP code using opening and closing PHP tags with regex. Sample: Before: After: This

Combine 3 WordPress Templates into one by passing the args value into the url

I have written an archive template which outputs the custom post type artists into the page. I had to introduce a filter which organizes artists

Javascript mystery: on plain html works fine on wordpress no

I have installed Javascript search library which works just fine on plain html, however on WordPress it does not works fully, because in console it

Nginx and rewrite rule redirection from html

I’ve got problem with making rewrite rule in nginx and i need your help. How to make rewrite rule from to I’ve tried

automaticly add id current page to href

i have link as below it is found in WordPress plugin <a href='".home_url("?p=7&action=get_marks&id=$select_data2->id")."' ></a> i want to auto detect page_id when i click on it

Automatically add id of current page to href

I have a link below as it is found in a particular WordPress plugin: <a href='".home_url("?p=7&action=get_marks&id=$select_data2->id")."' ></a> I want to auto detect page_id when I

HTML select value to PHP bp_has_members( ‘search_terms=??)

trying to pass the values of a select option to change the search term of members in Bp. so far I can print the value

wp How to stop adding primary domain in normal link

I have made a site in WordPress, everything is working cool but i have place links manually on home page is not working properly. The

Including wp-blog-header.php creates multiple <body> tags

I was having a problem with a page not calling the onload function in a body tag. After some investigation, I’ve simplified the issue to

How to create single image from more pieces in WordPress?

I’m working on wordpress site. I have an image variable when every time that user choose an option (on combo) the image change. This is

WordPress Dropdown in Navbar, spacing between links

I am having issues with the spacing of the dropdown on the nav bar. I added the menu through WordPress admin panel. When I hover

WordPress: Add custom field in user registration named "Blog category"

just wanna ask if this thing is possible. whenever someone is going to register in the website, the registration form has a custom field too

wordpress contactform7 textarea cols and rows change in smaller screens

I used contactform7 to create the contact form for a wordpress site. I want to reduce the rows in a textarea on that form for

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