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Page jumps to top after click on button

Hi I am using a gravity form for my WordPress website. In this form there is a button Next and Previous so whenever i do

register_sidebar() works in wordpress backend but not in frontend

I’m trying to implement a custom sidebar to my custom wordpress template. I added this to my functions.php: if ( function_exists('register_sidebar')) register_sidebar(array( 'name' => 'NiceBar',

After changing menu in WordPress it gives blank page

I have problem with my wordpress website, however, I’m trying to change menus and when I make changes and then I click “Save”, blank page

Why not logo appears on MAC?

I have this site: At first glance everything looks ok but this site logo does not appear on devices with MAC,on any browser.(Windows works

Why not logo appears on OS X?

I have this site: At first glance everything looks ok but this site logo does not appear on devices with OS X, on any

Inserting code into a page just shows raw HTML

I’m trying to insert a youtube playlist into a page using the following code <iframe width="853" heigh![t="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> for some reason, even when

Add Html code with get post meta

I am confused with a simple issue, Actually, I am using WordPress Custom fields using post meta echo get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_text_field', true ); Above meta

WordPress acting like target of all links is below current content

I am currently building a wordpress theme to go on a site for a friend, link here. Whenever clicking on any links (in the admin

WordPress the_content() Selectively displaying or hiding "Read More"

Per the wordpress codex, I was able to remove the “Read More” link on my home page’s post list by using <?php the_content('',TRUE,''); ?> Most

Assigning image source for previous and next

I am using wordpress(with advanced custom fields) to insert images from the database into my html. I have a person detail section where it has

WordPress mobile menu not toggle (slide up) by clicking anywhere in the screen

When I click on toggle button in mobile menu then only its work perfectly like slide up and down the menu but when I click

Google fonts only working in one part of the page

I have a rather weird issue. I’m building a site in WordPress and using the Google font Oswald ( Everything is fine in Chrome, Firefox,

If Field is empty then show certain divs

I have the following code but it is not working. Basically I want it so if the field movie_title_2 is empty I want it to

WordPress, Adding new search result page and filter searches?

I currently have a search bar for my site, which finds results from the whole website, and displays them in search.php. My Question is, is

Any side effects of <p> tags in meta description

I successfully imported meta description from a WordPress blog to my new Hubspot COS by modifying WordPress export tool’s php code , however with this

Too much code before body content bad for SEO?

Is 1200 plus lines of stylesheet and javascript code before reaching body tag bad for SEO? I have bought the Avada WP theme and I’m

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