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Bootstrap Modal running in background

I have a website with Bootstrap Modals, containing slideshows. These slideshows are running in the background, even when they are not clicked. How can I

How do I resolve the ngRoute issue with Angularjs in WordPress?

I’m writing a plugin that uses Angularjs. I’ve loaded Angularjs and ngRoute locally: wp_enqueue_script('angularjs',plugins_url('/js/angular.min.js', __FILE__ ),array(),'',true); wp_enqueue_script('angularjsroute',plugins_url('../../../../js/angular-route.min.js', __FILE__ ),array('angularjs'),'',true); I have angularjs listed as a

User Local Time in WordPress Comment Timestamp

I’m trying to get WordPress comments to show the time, based on the visitors’s location. So when a visitor posts a comment, it is according

how to migrate php in javascript code?

how to edit this code and display to timer? <script> jQuery(function($) { $('.timer').countTo({ from: 1, to: '<?php $args = array( 'post_type' => 'product', 'post_status' =>

WordPress - how to integrate Chart.js with Comment Fields plugin in WordPress

I use wordpress Comment Fields and I want use wordpress charts to show summary Read more here: WordPress - how to integrate Chart.js with Comment

Google Chart API - geochart: show specific data range on button press

The aim: I have a geochart showing three sets (i.e. columns) of data per country via one google spreadsheet. I want to create three radio

Adding zoom and pan to Easy Fancybox for WordPress

I’m trying to add a zoom and pan option to images once they’re opened in a Fancybox window. I was using the Fine Zoom jquery

changing media library based image file path (date generated) WP

Is there any possible way, I can update an image (generated file path) via WordPress CMS media library upload? For instance, say, on December 2014

get category, product name and link to contact form (woocommerce)

I would like to get automatically category, product name and link to that product to my contact form. Code looks like that: <input type="text" name="q_fnamn"

Use dropzone.js in wordpress custom form

I want use dropzone.js to upload files in my custom form in wordpress theme. Now this is my configuration in file add-post.php if ( $_FILES

collapse posts titles menu by year, month

I’m totally lost at this problem. Display years, then on clicking a year expand showing any months with posts in them, then on clicking a

Collapse posts titles menu by year and by month

I’m totally lost at this problem. Display years, then on clicking a year expand showing any months with posts in them, then on clicking a

How to stop Vimeo videos from playing in a div with display:none

Here is my site for reference: The bug comes from clicking on “watch videos” playing a video, then clicking out of the pop-up. The

Generative slogan in wordpress

I’m trying to make the slogan (It’s generative, so it’s art) change with a generator based on For this I made an id quote

How to add a full widht Interactive 3D globe in WordPress?

I need to add a 3D interactive globe in the homepage of a site. There’s a codecanyon plugin for it but the plugin cannot be

Add comma to numbers with Javascript not working

I’ve tried everything to automatically add comma separators (every thousand/hundred thousand etc) to a number that is automatically generated via a form. I’ve tried: <script

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