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Applying JS code to Meta Slider WP plugin elements

I need to change things in the content of my slides, which are displayed by WordPress plugin “Meta Slider”. However no matter how “late” my

How to use Jquery properly when editing page

I only want to use a simple JQuery in some of my pages, but the code just not working. Here is some of my background.

click event not firing on elements inside thickbox

In my plugin I am using thick box modal window to show the list of items. The content in the thickbox div is generated through

WordPress cannot modify header info. Unable to export database to a CSV file

Ok, I’m trying to export a table in my MySql database and I keep getting this error, what could be the problem? I really want

Shortcode inside a shortcode - WordPress

Using the ultimate shortcodes plugin (the lightbox shortcode) and some custom styling I create pop-up frequently across my site. I as trying to simplify the

Shortcode inside a WordPress shortcode

Using the ultimate shortcodes plugin (the lightbox shortcode) and some custom styling I create pop-up frequently across my site. I as trying to simplify the

WordPress navbar-deafault menu with jQuery effect not working

I want to style my Wordpres navigation bar/menu so when you load the page the menu is kinda big, but when you scroll a little,

How to set required field by using the wp_dropdown_categories?

After tried a lot I did not find any solution that works for me. I am using the below code to display the categories as

How can I use a regular expression to color both usernames and hashtags in a string

I am currently using a regular expression to color the usernames in each tweet. $('.tweet span').each(function() { $(this).html($(this).text().replace(/@[a-z0-1A-Z]+/g, '<span class="blue">$&</span>')); }); how about I go

upload external image with progress bar jquery and php

I need to save image from external link and save it my another server showing progress bar when uploading. Any help would be great. Read

How can insert JQuery in WordPress?

My question is how I can insert jquery libraries into WordPress and how can I deal with them. Thank you. Read more here: How can

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ajax’ of undefined

I’m trying to show data from a JSON object in the content section of a WordPress website. The following static HTML works like a charm.

Prevent multiple mysql data/form submissions and update existing entries?

I have a page that contains a few forms, I need to be able to prevent a user from submitting a duplicate of each particular

Menu with siblings and all upper-level links

I was asked to do a specific menu for a website and I have no idea how to do it. I’m working on wordpress, and

Divs not showing correctly after adding Mansory [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: jQuery Masonry and Ajax Append Items? 5 answers I have sevaral divs on the page <div id='bloggrid'> <div

Custom function to add product to cart with custom product fields

I have WooCommerce Product Add-on and I want to add a product to cart via custom js function. jQuery.ajax({ type: 'POST', url: ajaxurl, data: {

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