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jQuery select option menu - val links won’t work on mobile

This has been implemented into WordPress. Takes mobile menu and makes into select option menu. Shows up properly but when selected will not bring you

Jquery ajax to custom php file: returning blank data

I created a custom php file, put it in my folder. The files does insert some data to the database to a custom table i

Custom WordPress Site - How to properly insert posts using jQuery and PHP?

I’ve got a site running that uses PHP for a bunch of stuff. I have a small template and for various reasons I can’t just

Contact Form 7 - WordPress - Select Default from <select> Dropdown

I have a contact form that I built using “Contact Form 7″ plugin for my WordPress powered website. In that form I have a dropdown

jQuery-UI tabs not working on some pages

I have a site set up in WordPress, and using the same template on two pages, one of the jQuery-UI tabs work and the other

Javascript plugin appending duplicate data in WordPress

I’m using a currency conversion plugin called curry.js that’s being called on a custom WordPress page with bootstrap tabs and advanced custom fields. As WP

i’m looking for a wordpress developer to partner in projects

hello world i’m mohamed allam a web designer looking for a wordpress developer to convert my html+css themes to wP version the work ‘ll share

jQuery infinite scroll - repeating function with callback

Currently I’m working on a new website for a Dutch Hardstyle recordlabel ( On the left side of the website you see a scrollable list

How to run ajax in WordPress Post?

I am trying to use ajax in wordpress I have two comboboxes in single-meetings.php the second combobox values are based on selection from the first

upload file jquery wordpress

I have charge jqueryfileupload.js in my wordpress and put this code in my page.php in wordpress theme in custom form <input id="fileupload" type="file" name="files[]" data-url="server/php/"

JScrollPane sidebar jumping to top, not seeing my footer on larger devices only

A co-worker of mine used JScrollPane on a client’s site, and now he left the company and I have no idea how to solve this

jQuery datatable show values according to the values passed in ajax

I am using jQuery Datatable in wordpress to populate some data. I have two data table in a page. So for the first data table

How to show categories list with thumbnail image?

I have seen many codes for category with thumbnail but it failed to work, I’ll be very thankful if you help me, it’s my client

Syntax error, unrecognized expression a[href^=http://localhost:8885]

The console gives me syntax error while get site url and apply background color to all anchor tag that start with siteURL. var siteURL =

Scrollbar not showing on mobile devices using ms-dropdown jquery plugin

I am using the jquery plugin ms-dropdown with wordpress to create a dropdown list with images. On a non-mobile device, a scrollbar shows that allowing

How can I change this carousel slider animation to linear animation

check this page please: I tried many ways too change this swing animation to linear one while using the links to reach the specific

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