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Sidebar menu, different parent and child pages

I want to use a generic parent page in a sidebar menu instead of creating the same page multiple time as a child page for

WordPress template - How to add class to li tag if submenu exist

for example i want create this menu: <div class="menu_wrap"> <ul class="nav sf-menu"> <li class="sub-menu"><a href="">Main Menu 1</a> <ul> <li><a href=""><span>-</span>Sub Menu 1</a></li> <li><a href=""><span>-</span>Sub Menu

One Nav bar two locations, but pulling behaviour from separate API into WP

Is there such a thing as using the same navigation on a WordPress site, but being able to pull in information e.g. “you are now

How do you add a <div> around the second level of a Menu?

I’ve been searching around online and reading up on walkers but I can’t figure out how to do this. Basically I need a wrapped around

How can I add a fixed vertical menu to my site?

I’d like to have a vertical (secondary) menu on some sub-pages of my site. It should be fixed (will stay as the viewer scrolls down

Add static item to wp_nav_menu

I am trying to add static menu item to WordPress Menu.I am using filter ‘wp_nav_menu_items’ for this in functions.php. It works but it doesn’t put

Sub menu that links to posts grouped by year

Is it possible to create a custom menu that links to all posts grouped by Year (See screen shot) and is automatically populated as new

Looking for restaurant menu collection plugin

I work in an area with a lot of restaurants. I know there are many restaurant menu builder plugins out there, but I’m looking for

error on adding menu walker

I am trying to add a menu walker. I have added the following code in a plugin: class description_walker extends Walker_Nav_Menu { function description_walker() {

How to override menu markup?

I am trying to override wp menu markup and add additional div around each sub-menu ul. Something like this <ul> <li><a>Coffee</li> <li><a>Tea</a> <div class="holder"> <ul

add_action does not call the function

I want to add a custom field in the menu, therefore I am trying to use wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields. I am using following code but it does

Update nav menu not selecting parent

I am building a nav menu programmatically like so: $menu_exists = wp_get_nav_menu_object( 'test_menu' ); if( !$menu_exists){ $menu_id = wp_create_nav_menu('test_menu'); buildMenu($menuArray,$menu_id); } function buildMenu($array,$menu_id) { foreach

Output Post ID for all nav_items

i seek a solution for my navigation in a new wordpress template that i develop. How can i output the unique post_id for every nav_item?

Menu item redirect to another menu item

New to wordpress moving over from Joomla. In my menu I want to create an item the redirects to the item chosen, which may be

Use secondary menu of parent theme in child theme

I cannot solve this problem and this case doesn’t work for me too. All cases that I found on the internet deal with the new

Why is my container argument not working for wp_nav_menu()

The following code outputs a menu but the container tag is missing. $menu_settings = array( 'menu' => 'Packages', 'container' => 'nav', 'container_class' => '', 'container_id'

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