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Wordpress mod-rewrite

True regex to catch wordpress subpage permalinks

I have wordpress regex ‘(get/(.*)?)’ which is working perfectly for following address. http://localhost/akasia/get/gulets/for/sale/ My problem is this code is not matching for following url’s http://localhost/akasia/var/var/get/gulets/for/sale/

503 htaccess file only partially working

Using the following as a 503 forwarder on a wordpress website. For some reason it words for, but not itself. Any thoughts? .htaccess

htaccess how to redirect 404 to a variable url without causing infinite loop?

I have a site when it lands on a 404 error on the first relative path of the url I want it to instantly redirect

WordPress - Insert lines in between wordpress generated lines in .htaccess

I need to dynamically add a few lines in between the lines wordpress generates in the .htaccess file. This is how the .htaccess file looks

Enabling GZIP on all files - to make GTMetrix happy

These are my .htaccess settings: # Gzip compression <IfModule mod_deflate.c> # Active compression SetOutputFilter DEFLATE # Force deflate for mangled headers <IfModule mod_setenvif.c> <IfModule mod_headers.c>

WordPress Moved to subdirectory

i am suffering the issue of the rewrite rule generated by WordPress. As the official documents said you need to put the index.php to the

PHP Rewrite SEO friendly URL - Inside folder

I am using wordpress site in my root ( I have a folder created under that called ‘search-jobs’, which has all the php code

Add rules in .htaccess (outside default WordPress block) via WordPress Plugin

I am trying to add rules in .htaccess via WordPress plugin which works fine and add rules, but gets overwritten sometime. I know that the

https Dynamic URL without an index.php

i am using wordpress with the whmcs-bridge plugin… the problem is that my links are not seo friendly… the whmcs-bridge plugin produces urls like this

Redirection from non www to www for category page is not working

I am using below code for removal of index.php and redirect non-www to www for my website. It is working perfectly for home page, but

wordpress with wpml - .htaccess should direct root (only) to specific folder /de/

I have a wordpress install in the root webserver folder. WP with WPML. All that works, for example: for german etc. What I want

Let .htacces block subdomain except if came from other certain subdomain (for wp-admin security wordpress)

I came op with an idea to improve my WordPress security. The loginpage is always /wp-admin. So that’s easy for hackers. I know you can

.htaccess: RewriteRule: bad flag delimiters

Pulling my hair out over this one. I have the following .htaccess file that does some custom redirects in addition to WordPress’s default settings. When

mod rewrite for specific domain wordpress

I have multiple folders(domains) in my public_html folder. In my public_html folder i have a .htaccess file. I want to do mod rewrite on a

WordPress htaccess overwrite with a custom rewriteRule

I want to redirect my path /something/foo/bar/ to /page?int=$1-at-$2, where $1 will be “foo” and $2 “bar”. I tried this, but it doesn’t work. RewriteRule

Map Additional Domain to Single WordPress Page

We have a WordPress install for a company with a line of products at a domain such as: Using WordPress we’ve also created a

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