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Wordpress mod-rewrite

Redirection from non www to www for category page is not working

I am using below code for removal of index.php and redirect non-www to www for my website. It is working perfectly for home page, but

wordpress with wpml - .htaccess should direct root (only) to specific folder /de/

I have a wordpress install in the root webserver folder. WP with WPML. All that works, for example: for german etc. What I want

Let .htacces block subdomain except if came from other certain subdomain (for wp-admin security wordpress)

I came op with an idea to improve my WordPress security. The loginpage is always /wp-admin. So that’s easy for hackers. I know you can

.htaccess: RewriteRule: bad flag delimiters

Pulling my hair out over this one. I have the following .htaccess file that does some custom redirects in addition to WordPress’s default settings. When

mod rewrite for specific domain wordpress

I have multiple folders(domains) in my public_html folder. In my public_html folder i have a .htaccess file. I want to do mod rewrite on a

WordPress htaccess overwrite with a custom rewriteRule

I want to redirect my path /something/foo/bar/ to /page?int=$1-at-$2, where $1 will be “foo” and $2 “bar”. I tried this, but it doesn’t work. RewriteRule

Map Additional Domain to Single WordPress Page

We have a WordPress install for a company with a line of products at a domain such as: Using WordPress we’ve also created a

WordPress custom rewrite rules not working

I want to add a simple custom WordPress rewrite rule but somehow I don’t get this working. This URL should call this So

Rewrite woocommerce my account, login and register url to subdomain

I have a wordpress site with woocommerce installed on it. I want to rewrite its login, register and my account urls to subdomains. E.g. main

Use special character in WordPress permalink or mod_rewrite? How to add "strange" url

I am realy confused. I moved site for my client. This site had event registration form and all users received link to edit their info.

Regular expression in htaccess for 301 redirects

I don’t know why it doesn’t work but what I want: Old links:******* new links:******* My code is (But i was trying with

URL Rewrite on a WordPress Page Query String

I have a WordPress site with a custom page comparison that gets a string. Now it takes: It needs to be like that:

Mod_rewrite change url

I have created custom WordPress archive page gumball.php which can handle multiple categories or tags based on URL. For example: will display archive of

Exta www in my site url on a wordpress multisite installation

That is how the url looks when i hover over the link to a subsite on wordpress multisite installation. This multisite was imported from a

Need .htaccess redirect/rewrite rule

I am redesigning my website and switching from .html to a WordPress based website. I am looking for two different .htaccess 301 redirects that do

WordPress htaccess RewriteRule not working - even with add_rewrite_rule

I’m trying to add some lines in my WordPress htaccess file in order to redirect some urls but no matter where I put the line

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