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How do I manually migrate my blog from one hosting account to another?

Here’s my problem in detail. One day before our old hosting (company) account expired, I signed up for a new (personal) account with the same

automatically publish videos wordpress

I have a local machine that upload batches of pictures to a server. A cron on server take every batch when it’s ready and makes

WordPress left join 2 meta_keys

I have a wordpress setup and I’m trying to build a custom image slider using posts. I want the post_content to be the ‘floatingText’ as

WebMatrix fails downloading WordPress site (MySql dB) from Azure

I have an ecommerce WordPress site hosted in Azure Web Sites. It has been running successfully for a year. It has local edits and upgraded

Access Forbidden Error 403 (XAMPP) (Mac)

Need help setting up my virtual host to run PHP scripts and possibly WordPress, I am getting the following error each time I try to

Using pre_get_posts to build custom query not working

I have been having a time trying to get this to work and looking over everything it seems like it should. I have a page

Show MySQL Processes state=sorting result slow query on wordpress site

I have several wordpress sites, but for one website, I see many queries with state=sorting result. I use the same plugin for all websites. There

Unable to create Phpmyadmin on VPS

I’m trying to setup wordpress on my server. And I want to create Phpmyadmin on my VPS. I followed this tutorial, and I managed to

Select with unknow fields

I have to make a mysql select from a wordpress database : SELECT wp_posts.ID, wp_posts.post_title AS post_title, responsable.meta_value AS responsable, nif_cliente.meta_value AS nif_cliente, CONCAT(contactos_0_nombre.meta_value,'<br>',contactos_1_nombre.meta_value) AS

wordpress website is not showing

i did a big mistake, i changed mysql password from cpanel that i don’t know before this, when i opened site then it did’t

SQL SELECT Function In WordPress Not Working

I’m working on a basic selection function that grabs the row with the lowest id. Then just to make sure it works I have it

How to write MySQL query for WordPress DB to set value in custom field on posts

Using Advanced Custom Fields, I have created a custom field with two values –true or false. The custom field has the meta_key “post_c2a_toggle” and is

php mysql query to get all tags with all posts in WordPress

I tried to make PHP MySQL query to get a list of all posts with tags in WordPress DB, But i see some of tags

How to use OpenShift’s port-forward with WordPress?

Their tutorial seems a bit outdated. I couldn’t log in my local application through the wp-admin panel, even though my wp-config is pointing to (what

Insert data from spreadsheet into MySQL with PHPExcel

Here is a sample table(spreadsheet) of what i want to insert into mysql For example the table below; sku | name | price| category |

How to choose posts from array of categories but not in other array of categories?

Here’s what I am trying to achieve: I have a post that is in category A,B,C,D. I want to show posts included in category A,

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