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IIS 7 Rewrite with parent categories

I have seen quite a few questions on here asking around the same thing but either have been unanswered or slightly different! I have tested

Pre-populate Slug / Permalink with URL

I would like to not only pre-populate the title, tags, and categories, but would also like to pre-populate the slug / permalink as well. Can

Permalink structure with $_SESSION variables

I have a project that has content being filtered throughout the site (many custom WP_QUERY calls). Originally there was no URL needs, just filtering by

Permalink for custom post type

I have created a custom post type called job. Posts are generated with wp_insert_post(), and that works perfectly fine. My problem is that the permalinks

How is wordpress manipulating the posts like there would be folders

As you know, a wordpress post usually can be seen going to a link similar to this: But actually there is no folder with

Permalinks of archive tag wordpress

I try to add link of tag archive in text that contain tag. For example:- if i have tag that name “football” and in single.php

Siteurl code for links

I’m working on a wordpress website for my friends bussines and I’m working on it on my personal server to then export it and import

Pages included in another page and duplicate content issues for SEO

in a recent project I’ve decided to create a page template (PageX) which is a kind of “stack” of subpages. This template simply includes the

get wrong permalink on woocommerce account pages

I have my own template files and when i try to view an order i get the wrong permalink from the botton view-order/?order=2267 but it

Removing parent page in URL for one page

I have a page e.g.: And I want the URL to be: But only for this one page … not the entire site.

Can WP give a value a post ID?

So I have queried out some data from another DB and obviously they’re not a post which means I can’t use the standard permalink to

Permalink category + tag and replace

is it possible a permalink structure “category+tag”? Example: I need also replace some tags into the permalink, for example: tag: LAMBORGHINI -> FERRARI

With Permalinks Activated, WooCommerce Product Page Does Redirect to 404

I use WordPress, WMPL, WooCommerce and everything is Ok except permalinks. Actually after activation of permalinks, every product page redirects to 404. I guess this

Only default permalink is working mod_rewrite enabled

My problem is in my wordpress site only default permalinks is working.. When I change permalinks all pages become not found.. only home page is

After changing permalink settings, everything works fine except for the two most recent posts

I’ve been searching for a couple of hours for a solution, but so far haven’t found anything. I updated my site’s permalink settings from ‘post

Custom Post Type permalink not working on new posts

I’ve been struggling for a while with this and would really appreciate any help. I have a custom post type ‘venues’ on a site I’m

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