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How to Use Another domain for wordpress media gallery

I want to use another domain name fully functionable with my wordpress gallery. there is a way to use subdomain but I want this to

Secure wordpress website.

I have put up a logging script on my wp-login page. I noticed that a particular ip address- has been consistently visiting my login

curl is not installed on this server error in wordpress

I have added twitter feed plugin and feel up all thing which were required. But there was an error like curl is not installed on

Product price will not display on the website but will display in a android app?

I wanna create a website which will show products but will not show products price on website but in a embedded android app should display

filter custom post type archive page using meta_query with multiple arrays using acf relationship field

As the title suggests I’m trying to filter a custom post type archive page using meta_query with multiple arrays using an acf relationship field. This

Can’t password protect wp-login.php, nothing happened

I have Ubuntu 14.04, Nginx 1.6.2, PHP and fastcgi VPS. I setup my WordPress sites with Easy Engine. I want to enable password protect

wordpress loop query to get post id and category

below i my code i am unable to get **Post id and catgory**, what i am missing please guide me for that < ?php query_posts(array(

wordpress loop query to get custom post content

i want to write wordpress query to loop all post with type gallery i want to get details like title, description . how can i

WordPress & Learndash - Course Redirection Filter via PHP code

I’m very new to PHP programming, and I’m completely stumped by what is likely a very easy piece of code. I have built a website

hvvm compiles php code different from php-fpm

I have a wordpress instance running on nginx with HHVM and having PHP-FPM as a fallback. When using HHVM im getting 500 error code with

Web scraping using transients

I’m using xPath to scrape tour dates from another website (with permission of course). Since it updates on every page load, I thought about using

Can’t add menu items to wordpress 4

I have a problem with adding a new menu items to my wordpress site. I have already 13 menu items, and I want to add

How to properly pass arguments to the global $wp_query and use it to loop out posts with pagination

I’m stuck at something that should be a really simple task.. But I don’t know how to do it because it involves looping out the

Mamp: Error in line 31. Ideas?

I am new to stack exchange, I never wrote a line in my life and I have no idea about coding, HTML and stuff like

wordpress/woocommerce: Remove price if zero

I’m busy with a wordpress/woocommerce site and I’d like to hide the price of an item when it’s zero on the product category/archive page. I’ve

WooCommerce lost password form on another page

Using the latest version of WooCommerce, I’m trying to get the lost password form to show up on several different pages. The problem is, copying

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