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WordPress bool(false) means taxonomy compare not working

I have a loop pulling in a wordpress content page ‘peopleformat’. Here is that loop <?php // Start the Loop. while ( have_posts() ) :

custom url with custom post

i want to change my custom post URL. i want to remove “item” from URL. with the below code my URL is. Original URL :

wordpress dashboard add_meta_box not work fine

i created two meta boxes using add_meta_box function and i add some you tube video and Google map using iframe after i refresh page my

if two variables have the same value

I have two variables which I want them to find out if they have the same value. Then if they have the same value it

String replace a dynamic value with php

I am using cURL to get a form from a site In the form i am changing the post url with str_replace $data = str_replace('action="'.$url.'"','action="'.get_the_permalink().'?locked=1"',

WordPress the same Taxonomy and Advanced Custom Field value

I have created a custom section within wordpress called Staff members. Within a post in this section I have created a custom taxonomy named ‘Team’

Modify WordPress "press this" to another post type?

I’m trying to modify WordPress “press this” to post with the post type that my theme created. By default Post this open the link

Deny access from not-logged in users, but allow access from local script files

I have a .htaccess script located in my WordPress upload-folder, where I only allow Logged in users to see the files, to prevent users sharing

WordPress: Only logged in users can access files - and the server itself

I have a .htaccess script located in my WordPress upload-folder, where I only allow Logged in users to see the files, to prevent users sharing

Calling a static method from another static method: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function

In a simple PHP script (a WordPress module) I have defined a class with several static methods: class WP_City_Gender { public static function valid($str) {

Trying to to call specific Advanced Custom Fields repeater field inside Bootstrap tab

I have a bunch of thumbnails that are loaded through several Advanced Custom Fields repeater fields. When clicking the thumbnail I want the respective text

WordPress - Looking to restrict specific content

Just had some questions I hope someone can shed some light on. I am looking to restrict certain data on a WordPress page to certain

How to dynamically add <!-nextpage-> to a wordpress post?

I am after adding dynamically the tag only on mobile, to posts. It appears that hooking to the_content is too late, as nextpage is being

Turning a submitted image from frontend into a link to its own source

This is a wordpress related question. I want to turn an image that was submitted via frontend submission form where you provide the external url

Undefined index error 4

in my plugin option page, i used an option checkbox. when it checked, this is ok. but when i unchecked it, there showing an error,

URL markup validation error

I’ve added following code for the URL: <a href='"<?php urlencode(the_permalink()); ?>"&t="<?php urlencode(the_title()); ?>"' target="_blank"><i class="icon-facebook"></i><?php _e('Facebook', 'domain'); ?></a> It generates this output: <a href='""&t="Lorem ipsum

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