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Most commented post should be the first post in the blog

WordPress default setting is, most recent post is the first post of the blog. But, I need to “Most commented post should be the first

Issue with data array format

I am trying to fetch a record of date from table booking_history with bellow code but the result array not displaying any record from start_date

Urgent help!!! Checkout error

Pardon me for bothering you but i am new at wordpress/woocommerce. Last night, i had just finished my e-commerce site with woo commerce site using

Pagging Not work in some auther

I have page that show me post for author, some author the pagging is work good, but some author not work and when click in

Pagination not working in some author pages

I have an author archive page to display authors’ posts. In some of the authors the pagination works, but in some cases it doesn’t. Where

Query only the posts with a post format of "audio"

I’m trying to query only the posts that have a post format of audio. I’m pretty sure I’m doing this wrong. Can I get a

Passing query variables to a custom page template

On my website I have a custom post type called ‘theme’. I wanted the homepage to display an archive of themes. For this the only

Manage booking and timeings in woocommerce [on hold]

I am working on hotel table booking project.Here i have 3 fields following fields. 1)Dining Date 2)Booking Time 3)Male Quantity and female quantity I have

How to Query Updated Post in WordPress

I have seen some website which are showing the updated post. How can I query updated post from database. please help me thank’s Read more

Meta Query filter custom input field types

Haven’t really seen any tutorials that include Meta_query array that shows how to get input field values on submit from users to filter results within

Meta Query use custom fields (input/select) [on hold]

Can Class Reference/WP Meta Query include: input select fields to make wp query dynamic? Read more here: Meta Query use custom fields (input/select) [on hold

WP_Query Sorting Posts by month … timeline effect

Hoping someone can take a look at my code and help me out. Right now I am trying to show my blog in a timeline

How to query posts of standard post format. For real

So, I have been looking EVERYWHERE. I tried every kind of combination. So far, nothing. I have to query two posts to show on my

Query to get all the posts of more than 2 meta_value having same meta_key?

Meta_value will have checkbox infront of them so when both the check box is selected posts related to both the meta_value will be displayed. Read

Only show first post to match certain criteria within WP_Query

I have a custom post type, with a custom field associated with it. I’ve setup a WP_Query to return all the posts of that post

Custom Content Slider stop duplicate

I have been working on this now for little while, I have it working well (I mean the function) the only issue I have is

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