I’m developing my first custom theme for WordPress based on Bootstrap 3 framework. I’m newbie and I can’t understand few things, so I’d like to ask you for some help, especially with comments.php, comments display etc.

First of all, I developed HTML website and now I’m going to change it to WordPress theme. I done some work but I can’t handle with comments and form for sending a comment message.

I don’t know how to make wp_list_comments works with media-list from Bootstrap. Here you can see how I want to have comments looks (HTML demo): http://fonlinepl.96.lt/single.html

And here is a WordPress website, how it looks like: http://testerio.96.lt/?p=1

I can also say that I didn’t add comments form because I don’t know how I could do it and make it works with Bootstrap’s styles.

I can also send you my theme if it is necessary, so you could check how it is made.

Hope you help me solve this problem. :)

Read more here: Comments and Bootstrap 3’s media-list


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