I recently started working in a company and one of the first tasks that I was given was to redo their website.
Being a newbie and after a few trial and errors on sites like wix.com, weebly.com, I made a WordPress website with a responsive theme using Wamp server.

The site seems all fine but when the time came to finally put it on the server, I came to know that the hosting company only supports HTML based website whereas the website I built is a PHP one. The following are my questions

1) How do I go about publishing my WordPress site on an HTML supported only server? Is there a way to convert the website or any other method? If yes, please explain in detail as I am a newbie.

2)I was somehow able to export my database from the localhost MySQL server to that of the server where I want my site to be but does the web hosting company only supporting HTML based website affect the database in MySQL server? If yes, what should be done and how? KIndly explain in detail.

The cpanel of webhost is pretty basic and on calling the company, I was told that all I had to do was drag and drop my files there for my site to go online but that dint work.

I tried changing the extensions from PHP to html and uploading the files but all I get is a blank screen on going on going to www.mycompanydomain.ae.

I even tried the whole adding a line in the .htaccess file to open as an HTML without actually changing the all the PHP files but to no avail
Kindly help as I have spent a lot of time and energy on this but now I am at a roadblock.

Thank You.

Read more here: convert php website to html based website [closed]


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