This is what would happen when you rollover on one of the images

Hello I wonder if anyone can help me i’m new too this…I have this html music chart that I recently created for fun on HTML but now I want to use it for my current WordPress theme I have but i’m struggling to get help or even people to teach me how to make it my self and i’m stuck if anymore could help me I would be very grateful…

I have added some information about how I would like the plugin to look and be like…

A Bit About The Station

FreeSoundRadio was formed by Said Reshad Saraj and Jack Price but sadly Jack Price has left it in the capable hand of Reshad, Our aim is to promote the work of unsigned artists/producers with our shows to give them radio play and acknowledgement and exposure. The station does all types of music and its for everyone.

General information for the website

One thing is missing in the wordpress theme that i brought and oh by the way its called Eprom v.1.4.3 is an music chart where i can can upload who’s number one and so on I would like someone to do the plugin

The Requirement

What i want the plugin to be responsive and work on any screen resolution

The Feature

  • A picture uploader that has a specific image size (Height: 500px and
    Width: 638px) and want it to have every 4 pictures to go down one.

  • At the top right hand corner i would like a ribbon saying ‘NEW
    ENTRY’ and i would like to pick the colour for the ribbon but i want
    the text to be either white colour or black colour or even better
    any colour that i can pick.

  • I want to have a rollover colour but i would like to pick the
    colours because i haven’t set a colour theme for the website yet so
    i don’t want a set colour of the ribbon.

  • In the middle of the box i would like to have editable text so i can
    write the numbers down and also i want to have a custom font size
    where i can adjust the size of the text.

  • Also in the middle i would like to have 6 social icons that people
    can click the 6 social i can are Facebook,YouTube,Soundcloud,
    Official link to there website, Buy button, and Twitter.

  • At the bottom of the box i would like to have editable text again
    for the Artist name and Title Track also would like to have a font
    size so i can pick the size.

  • I would like to have unlimited boxes for this because i may change
    the chart entry to more people so more people can get involve

  • Extra notes: i have added some images that i created in photoshop so you guys get a visual image


    Here is an overview of my music chart I made in html and now want it to in WordPress plugin




    Read more here: Could Someone Help Me Create A Music Chart Plugin Please


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