I’m having an issue i would like your help with. I am a beginner with wordpress and wordpress themes so your patience would be appreciated!

I am running a website www.besmart.com.cy and i have used a wordpress theme builder to build my theme from scratch. This is what i am trying to accomplish:screenshot. Through the theme builder i did not manage to do that.

The way i am trying to accomplish this is by creating new custom widget areas on the left and right of my website so i can place plugins that display photos / links. I have registered my new custom widget areas in the functions.php and i can see them normally in my Widgets area from the WordPress admin panel. I have also adjusted their size and position through style.css.

My questions are:

  • Where should i place the new sidebars to get displayed where i want them? I have tried placing them in my header.php and although i can see them where i’m supposed to, my whole site gets dragged down (screenshot)

  • Am i doing this the wrong way? Is there an easier way to do it - a plugin perhaps?

Thanks in advance,

Read more here: Custom Widget Area outside theme’s border


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