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What’s currently happening is that for posts that have an ‘update’ time, the original publish and editor dates are rendering side by side (with no extra information in between, or even a space for that matter), and I’m not entirely sure where I should look to fix this. I need guidance in terms of which files to look in for this output code, or, if possible, some other manner in which to add a word or two in between the two dates. The theme is based off of _S - which explains why I do not know where my desired page is, and this problem persists in any area of the theme where you can see the dates (Blog, Search Results, actual posts themselves).

I could hide one of the dates with CSS - but I’d definitely want to show the most recent update date, and that would leave me with the dilemma of making complex and unnecessary CSS to hide dates which could be handled in a much better way (I’m thinking of setting link display to none, then :last-child’s display to true, but browser compatability would be hit, and it doesn’t seem very prfoessional to me).

Read more here: Custom WordPress Theme: Publish Date and Display Date for posts right beside each other


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