I was wondering if this is possible.

I have a custom post type call projects that displays a metabox with drop down menu. In that drop down menu I have a few choices listed, draft, open, pending, and completed. Once you select which field you would like, I would like the ability to display a post count of that choice on the front end from the selected author only when they are login.

Example would be author A selects complete 4 times on 4 different posts. So when author A logs onto the site he will see on the front end a number 4 with the word completed.

This is what I am using to display the drop down menu

            'name'    => __( 'Project Status', 'projects' ),
            'desc'    => __( '', 'projects' ),
            'id'      => $prefix . 'project_select',
            'type'    => 'select',
            'options' => array(
                'Select a Status' => __( 'Select a Status', 'projects' ),
                'Draft' => __( 'Draft', 'projects' ),
                'Open'   => __( 'Open', 'projects' ),
                'Pending'     => __( 'Pending', 'projects' ),
                'Closed'     => __( 'Closed', 'projects' ),
                'Completed'     => __( 'Completed', 'projects' ),

Read more here: Display a post count on selected metabox based on an author selected author


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