How to get the short code applied content inside a plugin using

add_filter('the_content', 'myfun_contentrender');

I have a situation like append some text to the content and also need to wrap all images inside a div.

I am doing something like this,

function myfun_contentrender($content){
    $content = do_shortcode($content);
    $dom = new DOMDocument();
    $new_div = $dom->createElement('div');
    $ImageList = $dom->getElementsByTagName('img');
    foreach($ImageList as $key => $Image)
        if($Image->parentNode->nodeName === 'a')
            $class_names = $Image->parentNode->getAttribute('class');
            $Image->parentNode->setAttribute('class',$class_names.' wwm_socialshare_imagewrapper ');            
                $new_div_clone = $new_div->cloneNode();
        $content = $dom->saveHTML();
       // return the processed content
       return $content.$hidden_ul;

when I use $content = do_shortcode($content); inside my myfun_contentrender() It breaks the content like all white spaces comes like

$request_token               =   $_SESSION['request_token'];
$request_token_secret   =   $_SESSION['request_token_secret'];
$oauth_verifier                =   $_GET['oauth_verifier'];

So is there any option to get all short code applied content inside my myfun_contentrender() using add_filter()

Hope some expert can help me.

Read more here: do_shortcode inside my plugin breaks content


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