I’m building a custom post type in WordPress which will be used to author and display BuzzFeed style quizzes on a clients blog. Within the custom post type there are custom meta-boxes which represent each question and selections, and another representing the potential ultimate results.

So the first meta-box consists of a number input type to assign an ID, a textfield to enter the question, and another field to enter an image. To the author this would represent the first question in their quiz. If they have more than one question to enter, they would need to select the button to add another set of fields.

What I’m not sure how to do is how to generate that and ensure that any added fields get saved. I’d rather not resort to a plugin or a drop in library as it’s important that I learn how to do it as much as it is that I resolve it.

Read more here: Dynamically replicate custom metabox in custom post type


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