Well as the title of the post states I have a big problem. I have no freakin’ idea whats going on and maybe some of the more experience guys here has encountered the same problem as I did and might be able to help out.

Here is the problem:

I have a website , it uses WordPress CMS, but everything is done custom in there. The developer that has worked a lot on it, has gone to a 2 week vocation and they have left the finishing touches to me, and some major fixes. I did everything that needs to be done, and even some major issues, and when I thought I have finished everything , project menager report a major bug that I was not even aware off.

The website uses a an “Exchange” ecommerce plugin( and that plugin is also altered to fit our needs, so thats kinda custom too ) , that was built by the developer who went on vacation , and the website itself has two products. Each product after purchase has “thank you” pages and they are shown after you have purchased a product. A product page has detailed description of what it is and a form below that you need to fill out ( credit card info , email , username etc. ). Now the the actual problem is when you go to anywhere from the website, to a product page ( its not important if its product 1 or product 2, since it has two products ) , it loads that page, and after a second or two it redirects you to thank you page. Without you even doing anything. Now another intresting thing is that this is totally random , for example 8 times out of ten this will happen and those other two times , this will not happen and it will not redirect.

Any idea why is this happening ?

The link is: http://11charts.com/dev/

Try clicking on any of the orange buttons, one is a free trial ( that is a product also ) and other is subscribe , that is kinda a full subscription. Has anyone encountered this problem ?

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