Hi I’m debugging a site for a friend, which kept me looking for a solution for hours. Unfortunately I could not find the source or how the effects are being called.

Here is the site link http://accutrack.thedesigneye.co.nz/

on the scroll event of the page it fades out the elements in it.

What I want to achieve is to permanently display all the items even if I’m scrolling it. Any help would be appreciated

header menu code

<div class="carousel-inner skrollable skrollable-between" data-1440="transform: translateY(-500px);" data-start="transform: translateY(0px);" style="transform: translateY(-116.319px); display: none;">

page content code

<div class="slider_content center skrollable skrollable-between" data-300="opacity: 0; left:1%; top:30%;" data-start="width:98%; opacity:1; left:1%; top:40%;" style="width: 98%; left: 1%; top: 38.9333%; opacity: 0.893333;">

note that I do not know where are they being declared all I know is that its using the Qode Slider for wordpress

Read more here: Fading and no display effect CSS/JQUERY on scroll


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