Basically my website has a separate page for certain type of special users and the ordinary visitor can see those pages and perform certain actions.
[P.S. Each special user should have Edit permission ONLY for their own page]

Now, I need these special users to maintain their certain parts of their own page rather than relying on us for any changes. I need a straightforward plugin/functionality (similar to what sitecore CMS gives for its ‘Page Editor’ mode) that will enable the special users to modify certain sections of their page without disturbing the basic structure of the page.

Also, I want some parts of the page to be non-modifiable as they are decided by us. Can anyone recommend an open source CMS or, even better, a wordpress plugin that will do this job?

Read more here: Is there an Open source Content Management System that will allow the users of my website to edit their pages similar to SItecore’s Page Editor mode?


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