I am using the CUSTOM CONTACTS FORM plugin for my wordpress site and am looking for ways to force a new line after the first field. The problem is that the plugin uses (without an id) for each of the fields - and I am unsure if there is a way to force an unnamed div onto a new row?

The plugin allows for custom CSS for the fields contained in the div, but of course css such as clear etc does not affect the div in which the fields are contained as far as I know?

Is there anyway to achieve this?? Or am I just going to have to either find a new plugin or just leave the layout as is?

<h4 id="h4-2-1404553255"></h4>
    <label for="Subject"></label>
    <select id="Subject-1404553255" class="testx ccf-tooltip-field" name="Subject"></select>


Read more here: Force a new line for unnamed div (In Plugin)


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