I have more of a conceptual question here, but I think there should be a clear answer. I have a client who sells products using the “Fullfillment by Amazon” service. I am creating a WordPress site for him to sell his products - and I am wondering what the easiest way to gain direct access to the Fulfillment by Amazon MySQL database would be. I know PHP/MySQL well…but I have never set up a retail site like this using Amazon services.

I did some googling - and found an old project called tarzan-aws, which has just turned into the AWS SDK now. But it looks like if I wanted to use that (if that is what I want to use), I would need to have a database hosted by Amazon AWS…and I already have a hosting service that I like (inmotionhosting.com). Is there a PHP API I could use to link the site to Fullfillment by Amazon? Maybe a WordPress plugin? I logged into my clients FBA account and it doesn’t seem like there is anyway to get the info I would need to set up a working automated PHP/Wordpress backend.

Read more here: Gaining access to Amazon FBA database


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