I recently follow these two sets of instructions to set up a WordPress installation on an EC2 instance:

I followed the tutorials and was able to successfully get WordPress up and running with know problems. I went through the install and then used scp to put my them in and used the WP interface to activate it (even installed the sample content that came with the theme I bought).

However, after a few hours, when I navigated to my elastic IP in my browser, my browser just hangs and reports “Waiting for MY.IP.AD.DR”

When I tried to SSH I got:

ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer

When I ping’ed I got: Request timeout...

The strange thing is that after this happened, I just walked away for the night and when I checked the next afternoon (11am or so), my site was live again but around 4-6pm today, it became unresponsive again.

I’m not sure where to start trouble shooting this but if it becomes active again, I was going to check my apache config and logs. Does anyone have any suggestions to try? Or, does anyone have any troubleshooting tips I should try if/when the site become responsive again? My EC2 instance doesn’t show any problems in the AWS console.

Read more here: How can I troubleshoot/resolve WordPress on AWS not responding?


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