i have a wordpress theme that i want use PHPChart in some page …

first step of using PHPChart is confige file ‘conf.php’ , i tried very much , but i cant do it

Imagine that you have the correct folder structure and files

Track of files and folders is as follows.

i want === require_once(“../conf.php”); === in file === currency_header_chart.php ===
that is exsits in root of wordpress theme

And == conf.php == Located in Currency/Currency-inc/php/phpchart/conf.php

i include conf.php in currency_header_chart.php without error , But Master problem is on line 1 of conf.php that should determine PHPChart script path …

Note : if conf.php move to other place the script do not work

please tell me how do change conf.php

thanks a lot

Read more here: how do config PHPCHART Script For wordpress theme


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