i am working a WordPress contact page, and would like to have the a Google map and below it a section with the contact details (physical address, telephone, email etc) and to the right hand side of these contact details i would like to have the “contact form 7″ form, and i would like help on how to align the contact form shortcode such that text is to the left hand side of the contact form. what i currently have is

    <p align="left">
     Please fill in the form on the right 
     or use the contact information below 
     to contact us.
    <strong>Tel:</strong> 310 0000 <strong>Fax: </strong>310 0000
    <strong>Physical Address</strong>
    lot 20697, Western northQ
    <strong>Postal Address</strong>
     PO Box 2842, Jersey
    [contact-form-7 id="761" title="Contact form 1"]

and what that did is just display the contact form below the contact details, instead of on the right handside

and i also reduced the width of my contact form in my css so it can fit next to the text

    #contact-form { width: 250px; }

Please help, thanks

Read more here: how do i align contact form 7 next to text


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