Im trying to do something with an admin_init hook if - and only if - the user is editing a post (post.php) with post type “event”. My problem is that, even though wordpress points to a global variable calls $post_type. if i do:

global $post_type;

It returns NULL.

but if I do this:

global $pagenow;

it returns my current page. i.e. “post.php”.

I looked into this function $screen = get_current_screen(); but thats not declared until after the admin_init hooks has run, and then its to late.

So my question is, how do I, by the time admin_init is run, find out what post type the current post being edited is. if the url is post.php?post=81&action=edit then, how do I know what post type postid=81 is?


Read more here: How do i know the current post type when on post.php in admin?


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