How to handle many different menus?

I’m developing a site that has about 200-300 pages, that each needs a custom side-menu, linking to primarily internal pages.

So what’s the best way to do this?

Current preferred: Using ACF?

Even though that Gutenberg is just around the corner, then it was possible to create an ACF-field, that is just a regular WYSIWYG-editor, as an extra field in the post. And then if it was blank, then it’d inherit the navigation from it’s parent.

2nd best option: Using menus?

If I used menus, then I would have to created 200-300 ‘display locations’ in my functions.php-file. And it would be a mess, matching the correct menu with the given page. So I assume this isn’t the best way to do it.

3rd best option: Using a plugin?

I looked around, but couldn’t find anything for this.

I can’t use widgets, since it would mean a widget per post, which would be a mess.

Any suggestions? Or are ACF really the best choice?

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