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everyone. I’ve just installed bbpress and ckeditor. I have only these plugins activated and my theme is twenty twelve. So when in the blog part, I mean the main page and such, ckeditor works perfectly. This in the sense that all the editor box is shown in visual mode. In this part there is no button to work with HTML code, which is perfect for my purposes. But then the problem is when I go into the forums part and try to make a comment or to make a new post because it seems that there’s no editor there. There’s no box, no cursor bar, and no ck editor buttons. I’ve been looking all over the internet and I just found that I need to add a snipet code to my functions theme.


function bbp_enable_visual_editor( $args = array() ) {
$args['tinymce'] = true;
return $args; }
add_filter( 'bbp_after_get_the_content_parse_args', 'bbp_enable_visual_editor' );

The problem now is that I have just two buttons, one for VISUAL mode and the other one for HTML code, but still no buttons, no cursor bar, no anything. When I press the button for visual mode then it appears the editor as it should be. But this is almost the same because we always expect to have visual mode by default, just like the one I’m using right now to make this question. So the problem is that people would always think that there is no editor, or even if they know about it I think it’s just wrong. How can I fix this

This is how it looks in the blog part, by default and I like to have it also in the forums:

This is how it looks in the forums editor, without the snipet code:

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And this is how it looks after the snipet code.

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Read more here: How to set ckeditor to VISUAL mode instead of HTML mode, all in bbpress


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