I’m looking for the best way to go about creating, probably, custom post type where you can filter in the categories related to that custom post type in the sidebar.

Here is the website I’m working on. Originally the student and donor profiles should be some type of post or category that can dynamically be updated when a new profile is created. So Health & Science, Student Success and Creative community have their own set of specific profiles.

So lets say John Doe is a new student profile for Student Success I can tag him to feed through that page alone and when viewing his individual post I’m having trouble displaying the categories or profiles that are related, in this case Student Success. So when viewing John Doe’s profile the other profiles under student success should be listed on the sidebar.

I noticed wordpress shares the single.php template file so the sidebar I have for the single.php file is being used for the profiles which we don’t want.

Overall, if you run through Health & Science, Student Success and Creative community I’m looking for a set up like that but instead of a 4 step process that the client has to do when uploading a new profile I am looking for just a one step process.

My current set up is you add the new profile as a page then go to the menus area in the dashboard and add the new profile to the menu.

My current page template code.

Read more here: How to show related posts by category or custom post type?


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