I have searched extensively for an answer to this question but none of the suggestions in previous threads have worked for me so I decided to start my own.

I have a website built with wordpress that has a permalink structure for blog posts of domainname.com/blog/postname/. For the sake of maintaining old links, this structure needs to stay intact. However, the site also has custom post types in a resources section of the site that are now showing up as domainname.com/blog/resources/customposttype/. I would like to change domainname.com/blog/resources/ to just domainname.com/resources/

I have tried a few different ReWrite rules that I found on this site, the latest being RewriteRule ^/blog/resources(.*)$ /resources/$1 [R] but with no luck. If anyone is able to provide a working solution that would be greatly appreciated.

Read more here: htaccess rewrite rule on wordpress


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