Here is my Custom Post Type

'supports'        => array('premise-member-access', 'title', 'editor', 'author', 'thumbnail', 'excerpt', 'comments'),

Comments enabled on settings->discussion
Comments enabled on lesson page
✓ Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)
✓ Allow people to post comments on new articles

With this code I still get comments closed


Weirdly enough the comments are open on my localhost but only when I echo it on the top not when I put it in the bootstrap tabs

Please help need this in order to complete my MVP

Also here is the comments code on my single-lessons.php page

global $withcomments;
$withcomments = 0;
global $postid;
$postid = get_the_ID();
comments_template('/templates/comments.php', true);

I am using for my theme but already went over it with them and this problem is not roots related.

Let me know if there is anything else that I should post in order to get help from you guys, thanks in advance.

Read more here: I can see comments but I can "reply" please help


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